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    San Pedro de Atacama

    A mix of stunning lunar landscapes and legacy of ancient cultures.

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    Walk through the capital of Chile and discover its history, culture and flavors.

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    Easter Island

    Experience a unique opportunity in one of the most mystical places of Chile.

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    Torres del Paine National Park

    Discover the grandeur of the Eighth Wonder of the World

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Knows Chile

Chile is a country that is rich in contrast and variety, and its geography especially sets it apart from other global destinations. It is the longest and most-narrow stretch of land located in the southern hemisphere,where the magic of nature blends with the rustic local cultures.

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COCHA Inbound is probably the most-experienced DMC in the market with 43 years of experience. As an integral part of Turismo COCHA and the most-prominent travel agency in Chile,we are the perfect partner for you in South America.

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Tips for Travelers

If you plan on visiting our country, feel free to check out what requirements you must meet, general information about Chile, and what you need to bring to ensure you have a unique and adventurous experience.

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The organization Reforestemos Patagonia is the official non-profit foundation that is responsible - along with public and private support - for organizing initiatives that contribute to the recovery, care, and reforestation of Chilean Patagonia.

Cocha Inbound supports this noble cause; each of our travelers will donate and plant a native tree to preserve and try to recover this region’s unique ecosystem.

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