General conditions

How to make a reservation

All reservations must be in writing, which will be con rmed in the same way, in accordance with the availability and speci c conditions of each requested service or program. The quotation of a program or service does not represent a valid reservation, and therefore, it is not accepted as such. The reservation must be explicitly requested. In this act, the customer accepts the payment liabilities and provisions, as well as the corresponding cancellation conditions. Some excursions or programs require a minimum of passengers to operate.

Services include

  • Lodging in those duly speci ed hotels or in similar category in case of unavailability.
  • Excursions, transfers, meals, admission tickets, guide services, air transportation, maritime, uvial, lacustrine or overland as stated in each itinerary.

Services do not include

  • Transportation, air tickets, maritime, uvial, lacustrine or overland non speci ed services.No speci ed meals, beverages, laundry, ironing, extras, telephone calls or other services not Included in the programs.
  • Taxes or boarding fees in ports or airport which are not speci ed in the programs or travel documentation.
  • Expenses for customs proceedings, visas and personal documents of the passenger.
  • Personal insurances.

Maps, photos and hotels

Photos of published rooms correspond to a speci c category of a hotel, which are only shown to complement the information. The assigned rooms in a hotel may not correspond to the published photo. The information of each program has been provided by tour operators, contained in their brochures or international manuals. All the published photos are copyrighted and have been provided by Photo Banks, independent photographers and service providers. These photos have the only purpose to illustrate the programs and destinations, without binding COCHA. (monuments or visited buildings, climate, landscapes, etc). The published maps on this travel guide are only referential illustrations, that have the sole purpose to show the route of the respective excursions, relative location of tourist landmarks, etc. They are not drawn on scale and neither distances nor boundaries are indicated. Therefore, their dimensions do not t to real. The advertisement and the contents in this magazine only have an illustration and information purpose, motivating the potential user to purchase or contract travel packages and tourist services based on a basic commercial information offered, pursuant to the purchaser duty to be responsibly informed as stated in the Consumer Rights’ law 19.486.

Passports and visas

When travelling, the passenger must be in possesion of a valid passport, visas or any other necessary travel documentation required.

Cancellations and refunds

Programs and services are subject to speci c conditions, relating to registration, guarantee deposits, nes, cancellations, refunds, included services, additional conditions applied by operators and/or service providers. They are available for the buyer who acknowledges them, releasing Cocha from any liability on this matter.


Cocha S.A, explicitly states that acts as a mediator between the traveler and the entities or persons, supplying the indicated services present in the itineraries, namely: transportation company, hotels, restaurants, etc. Aforesaid, COCHA, has no liability for de ciencies or noful llment of the hired services, the provider company may incur such as: delays, itinerary changes, tour changes, baggage loss or damage, seat assignation on means of transportations and in hotel rooms, unexpected booking cancellation and other non-compliance of any nature.

Cocha is not responsible for personal injuries or damages in personal belongings caused by accidents, strikes, governmental restrictions, sickness, quarantine, earthquake, weather or any other reason beyond Cocha’s control. Therefore, the customers and/or their companions waive all right in ling claims against Cocha, in terms of money refund for the services paid, incurred expenses in lodging and transportation, losses and damages of any kind; which will have to

be directly demanded to the service provider company in accordance with the applied general conditions of the contracted services. Airline carriers, maritime and overland companies involved in these trips, will not be considered responsible for any action, omission or wrongdoing, if the passenger stays outside the respective means of transportation. The contract of the ticket will be the only bond between the airline company and the purchaser or traveler.

General conditions

COCHA S.A. reserves the right to make itinerary changes whenever the company deems necessary for the best organization and development of the excursions, as well as, canceling an excursion in the event the minimum amount of passengers is not enough for its operation or because of reasons beyond control. Itineraries, included services, hotels, and tour operators used in the published programs are subject to changes without prior notice. The itineraries may be modi ed for the proper operation of the services subject to weather conditions or reasons beyond control.