North & Atacama Desert

Do you love the feeling of the sun on your skin and the warm sun cradling you while you rest? Then, you must visit the city of eternal spring.

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Feel at home surfing and bodyboarding while admiring the enormity of the Morro de Arica, an Iconic National Monument where you can go trekking with your family or parasail from its summit.

A mixture of coastline, desert and high Andean plateau, its long list of activities will surprise you daily with a new adventure. Dive into history at the San Marcos Cathedral, visit the San Miguel de Azapa Archaeological Museum, where you’ll find the oldest mummies in the world and visit its valleys, known for their exotic fruits.

The local food is a pleasure you can’t miss. The mix of flavors reflects the rich diversity of its streets. Try the chumbeque, a typical candy of the area which will give you the energy you need to test your luck at the casino, just a stone’s throw from the ocean.


Lauca National Park

One of its main attractions is the wonderful Chungará Lake, one of the highest in the world found at the foot of the Payachata twin volcanoes. If you love history, then you must visit its locations of archaeological and historical interest.
Camp at the foot of volcanoes and caves, right in front of the reflection of beautiful lagoons or go fishing in the park´s rivers with an amazing view that will make you forget it´s one of Chile’s most populated regions.


Climb into its hot springs and enjoy its crystal-clear gorges. Codpa is the perfect place to unwind. Grab a bike and cycle along its valleys, enjoying its pleasant temperature and, if you want to, take a romantic walk under the starry skies.
Lift your skirt or roll-up your pants to participate in the traditional wine-harvest festivities. This is a unique ritual you will not forget. Raise your glass and make a toast with the famous Pintatani wine, an artisanal liquor that they guarantee is made with the first grape variety found in Chile.


Lower your voice and open your eyes. Visiting this village, declared as a National Monument, is an opportunity to take in the local culture. Learn about the skillful works of the alpaca wool weavers that live there and visit its stone church, built in the 17th Century.
A mystical destination located at the heart of the Lauca National Park, its adobe buildings hide legends of spirits and superstition. Don’t be scared, the locals guarantee that the Parinacota Volcano protects its visitors.

Surire Salt Flat

At over 4,200 meters above sea level, this incredibly white salt flat invites you to stare at its beautiful deep blue inner lagoons hidden in the middle of the world’s driest desert.
The cushion bogs of this natural monument are the home of different families of flamingos, like the Chilean, Parina and James kind. Get your camera ready to snap pictures of rheas, vicunas and llamas that roam freely in the area.

San Miguel de Azapa

Famous for its olives and tropical fruit, San Miguel de Azapa invites you to enjoy a day in the countryside or to bike around its valleys. Enjoy its calm pace and the clarity of its night skies, where stars seem to shine brighter by the minute.
Visit the San Miguel de Azapa Archaeological Museum where you’ll find thousand-year-old remains of the Chinchorro culture. Are you a scientist at heart? Then follow the path of the geoglyphs in the desert and visit the Pucará de San Lorenzo. The altiplano will always surprise you with a new adventure.

The Way of the Missions

Come discover the beauty of the altiplano on a visit along ancient roads that reveal more than 30 colonial churches. Guided by the indigenous communities, get to know this natural heritage site that will take you back in time.
Go deeper into the trails of the Chinchorro culture, which begin at the Socoroma village and continue on to Esquiña, running over 40 km. Rest and enjoy the typical local produce like goat’s cheese, chuño potato and oregano. You won’t regret it!

4X4 vehicle

If you want to explore the High Andean Plateau and the extensive national parks in the area, you can rent a 4x4 in Arica and fill up your tank in the town of Putre.