Easter Island is a national park and also was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This enchanted island has many attractions: beaches with pink sands, such as Ovahe beach, or Anakena beach which seems to be an enchanting paradise, volcanoes and meadows to explore on foot or horseback, marine flora and fauna waiting to be discovered, caves to explore quietly, and the famous moais: stone statues representing the ancestors of the Rapa Nui culture.


Day 1: Easter Island

A necklace of flowers greets visitors when they come to Easter Island, world famous for its Moai, giant sculptures carved in stone. Airport reception and transfer to hotel. The rest of the afternoon is free. Accommodation.

Day 2: Easter Island

Full Day - Ahu Akahanga, Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Ahu Te Pito Kura y Anakena.
Breakfast at the hotel. In our tour we will visit five archeological sites, during the morning we will have the honor of visiting Akahanga, Rano Raraku and Ahu Tongariki, important places for the Rapa Nui culture, located in the south coast. Box Lunch. Once we are ready to start the second tour, our guide will take us to Te Pito Kura, through the internal highway of the island, this archeological site known as the navel of the world, has a platform that until today has maintained intact with its moai. Visit to Anakena Beach, one of the most important beaches in the history of Easter Island. In this same place we will find two ahus and their respective moais. Accommodation.

Day 3: Easter Island

Half day tour - Ana Kai Tangata, Rano Kau y Orongo
Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to Rano Kau, this fresh water crater is one of the main volcanoes on our island and has a privileged view of the Pacific Ocean and of the interior of the volcano. We will also visit the Orongo ceremonial village which is of great importance on a cultural. Next, we will head out towards Vinapu, this ceremonial center is one of the most important on the island.

Half day tour - Ana Te Pahu, Ahu Akivi y Puna Pau
This tour visits three archeological sites: Ana te Pahu, this large underground cave is one of the most visited, and it is located in the interior of the island, on the Roiho area. We will continue with Ahu Akivi, this location is one of the most majestic on the island, since it has a great platform decorated with 7 restored statues. And we finish with the visit to the Puna Pau quarry, the crater of an old volcano located 15 kilometers northeast of Hanga Roa, next to Ahu Akivi. Accommodation.

Day 4: Return

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer from the hotel to Easter Island Airport.

  • Transfer in/ Out
  • 3 nights of accommodations at a Hotel of your choice.
  • Breakfast.
  • 1 Full day Tour (Ahu Akahanga, Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Ahu Te Pito Kura y Anakena).
  • 2 Half day Tour (Ana Kai Tangata, Rano Kau y Orongo – Ana Te Pahu, Ahu Akivi y Puna Pau). · Box Lunch (day 2).

H/D Touring The Rapa Nui Town (City Tour)

The tour begins with the visit to Ahu Tahai, this national park was restored between the years 1967 and 1968 by the archeologist William Mulloy. Then we will continue until Ahu Hanga Kioé. The legend says that from this ceremonial centre the inauguration of the Ariki Henua (king of the island) was announced. We finished the tour with the visit to The Museo Antropologico Padre Sebastian Englert, founded by the priest Sebastian Englert and it maintains a valuable collection of graphical objects and drawings of the Rapa Nui culture.

Duration: 3 hours.

H/D Beaches and Archeology Tour

Visiting the most beautiful beaches in Rapa Nui will undoubtedly be one of the experiences you can’t live without, to wonder with the clearness of its waters, the special of its location and the archeological surrounding that encircles these wonderful landscapes, are the main goals of this special excursion.

Duration: 3 hours.

H/D Diving in Rapa Nui Tour

Diving in Easter Island turns out to be an unforgettable experience, this island, for its volcanic origin, presents a submarine topography composed by caves, arches, cliffs, lava platforms, etc that in addition to large amount of corals, tropical fish, color and clarity of its waters make diving and overwhelming and fascinating experience.

Duration: 1 – 2 hours.

H/D Horseback Riding and Beaches Tour

The tour begins from the area of Ahu Akivi and lasts 3 hours approximately where it will take us to the peak of Maunga Terevaka. Once we have enjoyed our tasty lunch, we will continue our touring, around 15:00hrs, on this opportunity our last stop will be Anakena, where you may take pleasure in a nice and relaxed afternoon under the shade if the palm trees and the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours.

H/D Snorkeling and Boat Tours

We invite you to live a beautiful tour through the coast in front of Hanga Roa, where you will be able to appreciate from the Ahu Tahai area, the caverns in front of the Mataveri site, visible only from sea, until you reach the area of the islets, called Motu Nui, Motu Iti, and Motu Kao Kao, from this point, you can appreciate a wonderful view towards the Orongo cliffs, place where the Tangata Manu (bird man). In addition, at this location you may practice snorkeling, thus being able to contemplate the flora and sea wildlife in one of the clearest and warmest seas in the world.

Duration: 2 hours.

H/D Horseback Riding Tour

We invite you to explore the most stunning and rustic landscapes of the island through a wonderful horseback ride. Each excursion will be accompanied by one of our professional guides, who will be responsible for revealing his culture and history as we go along with the excursion.

Duration: 3 – 6 hours.

H/D Boat Fishing Tour

We invite you on this tour to further understand their daily life and to enjoy an unforgettable and exclusive experience that we offer you, where you will have the chance to carry out this sport guided by an experienced diver and local fisherman. During this tour, you will be able to fish and appreciate the typical species of Easter Island, which are highly regarded for its great diversity in the local cuisine.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours.

H/D The Dawn of the Moai, ideal to enjoy the sunset

The moai, a symbol to the Rapa Nui, have become a universal icon. They were the dominating element on the island, but before having the first images of the reconstructed sculptures, the island lived one of its worst periods, which without a doubt keep a mystery that we will try to unveil throughout the excursion, where we will immerse ourselves on the route of the dawn of this megalithic stage of the Rapa Nui culture, visiting sites along the west coast where we will be able to understand why the civilization was able to destroy itself to later rise up to continue with the peak of the Rapa Nui civilization.

Duration: 3 hours.