There’s no inhabited spot in the world quite so isolated as Chilean Polynesia. A mere dot in the vast Pacific Ocean, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is a one-of-a-kind destination whose very remoteness lends it unmistakable authenticity and an aura of mystery. Explore Rapa Nui’s pink-sand beaches, its volcanic cones and windswept grasslands, and of course, the monumental moai statues – over 1,000 of them bearing silent witness to a long-lost, complex society. Choose the hotel you want and come and discover the Rapa Nui secrets, with this luxury program!


Explora Rapa Nui Hotel

Located 3,700 km ( 2,300 miles) from the continent, surrounded by the intense blue sea and under the watch of its gigantic Moai, Easter Island is a place that contains mysteries that are waiting to be revealed by explorers of all times, and where we take our travelers to discover all its corners. With over 30 explorations, either on foot, bike riding or on a boat, we offer our travelers a deep exploration experience that includes visiting places that are even unknown to some locals and feeling the history of the Rapa Nui culture with its landscape and archeological remains. The details, the simplicity and the real joys of life, are central elements to Explora.

Our hotel has:

· 30 rooms of which 26 Varúa rooms measuring 32m² (345 feet²) with a view of the sea and 4 Raa suites measuring 44m² (474 feet²) with a view of the sea.
· 30 exploration routes designed by our outdoor team.
· SPA area with outdoor pool, jacuzzi and massage area. · Shop, bar and dining room.
· LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).
· Local and bilingual guide trained at our Guide School.
· Gastronomy with pure flavors from premium ingredients.

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa Hotel

Our hotel is unique, both for the environment, for its designs, materials and history. Its identity is a magical appeal. Our architecture, which blends with the environment through its grass roofs, colors and textures of the island, is a tribute to the Orongo ceremonial village, whose vestiges are still near volcano Ranu Kau, an iconic place of Rapa Nui culture. The reception and lounge area is based on the ancestral “boat house”, a building that is shaped like a boat set reversely, as seen in the stone ruins of the island. The village concept allows a harmonious interplay between spaces, also linked by a landscape design of native species, where nature and inhabited surfaces merge with respect and admiration for Easter Island.

Our hotel has:
· 69 Standard rooms – Between 45 to 49 m², singles or doubles.
· 5 Suites between 74 to 78 m², double height and curved ceilings, guest toilet and living room.
· One Suite of 83 m², double height and curved ceiling, kitchenette with dining room, bath tub integrated into the private terrace, a large size living room with guest toilet.
· Large freshwater pool surrounded by plants, flowers and native trees.
· 3 Restaurants, Poerava, Kaloa and Bar Vaikoa, which specialize in author recipes with locally sourced products such as fish, seafood and spices from Polynesia.
· 3 event/meeting venues.
· Cinema and auditorium, available for events of up to 70 people.
· Manavai Spa offers therapies, massages and treatments, many based on natural products from the island.
· Artisan workshop where you can watch Rapa Nui artists working and where guests can participate.
· A boutique with a selection of pieces made by artisans from the island and Polynesia.
· Excursions, hikes and bike or motorcycle rides to archaeological sites, along with a variety of activities around the Rapa Nui traditions.


Varúa room: These rooms have 344 square ft. with ocean views. For ensuring deep rest after a long day of exploration, our rooms are not equipped with televisions or Wi-Fi is only available in the hotel’s common areas.

Raa Suite room : These rooms have 474 square ft. with ocean views. For ensuring deep rest after a long day of exploration, our rooms are not equipped with televisions or Wi-Fi is only available in the hotel’s common areas.


Kainga room: These rooms have a private terrace overlooking the sea. They do not have television, because the disconnection is sought and to concentrate the senses in experiencing the wonders of Rapa Nui. Their sizes are 484 to 527 square ft.

Maunga room: These double height rooms have a private terrace overlooking the sea. They do not have television, because they seek disconnection and to concentrate the senses in experiencing the wonders of Rapa Nui. Their sizes are 796 to 840 square ft.


-Akivi (Bike ride)

We leave Explora on our bikes following inland routes, go up a gentle slope and ride along traditional Rapa Nui crop fields. We arrive at Ahu Akivi, the place where seven moai are facing the ocean. We return to the hotel by van.

Duration: 2 hours |  Difficulty: low

-Puakatiki (Hike)

We head to Ahu Mahatua in the Poike Peninsula. We follow a trail along a cliff, going by Parehe and Tea-Tea Mountains. We continue up to the summit of Puakatiki Mountain, which offers a panoramic view of Rapa Nui’s isolated position. We descend following a steep path up to Tongariki, the Ahu of the 15 moai.

Duration: 4 hours | Difficulty: Medium-high

-The Miru (Hike) 

We follow a trail along cliffs in the north area, crossing plains and ancient villages that belonged to the Miru, which used to be the most powerful tribe in Rapa Nui. We continue hiking up to Anakena, this tribe’s capital city, where get some time to enjoy the beach. Bring your swimsuit.

Duration: 7 hours | Dificultad: Medium-high

*Check for other available excursions.


 -Ahu Tongariki (The arrival of Hotu Matu’a)

Ahu Tongariki is internationally recognized due to its immense ceremonial altar which is adorned with 15 majestic moai statues. Tongariki is a testament to the island’s incredible megalithic culture as it is the largest ceremonial altar in all of Polynesia, and the largest archaeological site to have been reconstructed on the island. This site was reconstructed in the 1980’s after the devastating damage produced by a tsunami in 1960, whereby moai statues weighing approximately 80 tons were dragged off their platform about 500 meters (1,500 feet) inland.

Duration: 6 hours | Difficulty: Medium

-Aldea de Orongo (The Legend of the Bird-man)

This guided tour – led by one of our professional tour guides and is focused upon the Bird-man (Tangata manu) Competition, which took place annually within the village of Orongo and on the cliffs of Rano Kau. This tour visits three archaeological sites (Orongo, Rano Kau and Vinapu), in addition to a special look-out point to Hanga Roa.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours | Difficulty: Medium

-Anakena Beach

Visit two ceremonial altars featured with moais (Ahu Nau Nau and Ahu Ature Huki) where you will enjoy the crystal clear waters of Anakena beach which is surrounded by palm trees. Also Anakena beach houses small restaurants which have menus that include local food. In this location you will have the opportunity to visit the small local handcraft market where you can buy authentic souvenirs from Rapa Nui.

Duration: 45 minutes | Difficulty: Low

*Check for other available excursions.


  • Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner with wine and drinks (except Premium wines).
  • Open Bar
  • Explorations snacks.
  • Daily excursions shared with other hotel guests
  • Transfers to/from Mataveri International airport.
  • Exploration program with guides (Spanish / English), · Entrance fee to The Rapa Nui national park.



  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Open Bar (soft drinks, national and international beers, wine house, Sparkling wine house, Whisky under age 12, Cocktails, distilled liquors and coffee or tea.
  • Transfers to/from Mataveri International airport.
  • Daily excursions shared with other hotel guests (2 half day excursions per night stay).
  • Welcome drink and flower necklace.
  • Shell necklace at check-out.
  • Welcome minibar.
  • Daily Sunset Cocktail.